SaltDogg 8', 2 yd. Stainless Steel Gas Spreader

SaltDogg 8', 2 yd. Stainless Steel Gas Spreader

Ideal for commercial applications. All v-box spreaders are completely self contained. The rugged design allows for use with salt, sand and other materials. Mounts easily on pickup, dump, and platform trucks. Powered by 10.5 Hp Briggs & Stratton Intek engine, equipped with alternator, electric start, electric throttle, electric clutch, controlled by in cab controls. Top screen, inverted v, tie down straps and battery are included.
8’ Spreaders
Body side length 8 ft., overall length 113", capacity struck 1.8 Cu.Yds., capacity rounded 2.1 Cu.Yds., width 47", height 32-1/2", empty weight 830 lbs. Standard length chute is 23" long. Recommended use, 3/4 or 1 ton trucks.
• 10’ Spreaders
Body side length 10 ft., overall length 137”, capacity struck 2.3 Cu.Yds., capacity rounded 2.7 Cu.Yds., width 47”, height 32-1/2”, empty weight 910 lbs. Standard length chute is 35” long. Recommended use, heavy duty flat bed or long dump trucks.
General All hopper spreaders are completely self-contained, ultra-durable spreader units designed for ice and snow control. The rugged design allows for use with salt, sand and other materials. The complete assembly mounts easily on pickup, dump and platform trucks making it ideal for municipalities, shopping malls, industries, hospitals and private contractors.
STAINLESS STEEL MATERIAL HOPPER Feature high-quality grade 304 stainless steel components, including: Hopper, Hopper Supports, Hopper Floor, Gussets, Spinner Chute Assembly, Deflectors and Engine Hood. Electrically welded ends and sides sloped at 45º are constructed with channel formed top edges. Vertical supports add extra strength to the unit. The single lift point on the cross support beam is located at the unit ’s center of gravity to allow for easy loading and unloading.
CONVEYOR The conveyor is made of 12"wide all-steel pintle chain with 3/16"x 3/4"cross bars. Chain strength is 11,000 lbs.per strand;22,000 lbs. total weight. The drive sprockets are 6-tooth cast iron, on a 1-1/8" diameter shaft. The conveyor chain has an adjustment range of 3-1/2". The drive shaft has heavy-duty, sealed, self-aligning ball bearings with grease fittings. The idler drum has heavy-duty 1" diameter ball bearings.
CONVEYOR GEAR CASE Gear is constructed of aluminum bronze, worm gear is hardened steel and ground. Housing is made of durable cast iron. Gear ratio is 20:1 with 1" input shaft and 1-1/8"output shaft on tapered roller bearings.
FEEDGATE Lever operated with a friction lock for accurate adjustment.
SPINNER CHUTE ASSEMBLY Feature high-quality grade 304 stainless steel Spinner Chute Assembly, Deflectors and Engine Hood. A polymer disc with four fins is connected to a 3/4"diameter shaft secured on two pillow block bearings. The spreading material is guided from the conveyor to the spinner plate through an enclosed chute with internal and external deflectors. Adjustable deflectors allow for complete directional spread control and full or compact spread. Total spread radius ranges from 2' to 25'. The extra wide rear deflector protects the rear and under carriage of the vehicle.
ENGINE Heavy-duty 10.5 horsepower industrial/commercial Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine. Engine comes equipped with alternator and 12 volt electric starter with in-cab start/stop and electric throttle control (standard). Entire engine is completely protected by the convenient hinged hood.
ELECTRIC THROTTLE CONTROL Throttle control unit allows for full-range of throttle settings,including idle and full choke,via the in-cab hopper control box. Use of electric throttle control eliminates cable freezing, binding and breaking.
CLUTCH 12 volt DC electric clutch has a three-position in-cab switch, for greater control and material economy. Also allows for low speed operation and spot spreading.

72" Spreaders Body Side Length, 6'; Overall Length, 89"; Capacity Struck, 1.3 cu.yd.; Capacity Rounded, 1.6 cu.yd.; Width, 47"; Height, 32 -1/2"; Recommended Use, 3/4 or 1-Ton Trucks.

96" Spreaders Body Side Length, 8'; Overall Length, 113"; Capacity Struck, 1.8 cu.yd.; Capacity Rounded, 2.1 cu.yd.; Width, 47"; Height, 32 -1/2"; Recommended Use, 3/4 or 1-Ton Trucks.

120" Spreaders Body Side Length, 10'; Overall Length, 137"; Capacity Struck, 2.3 cu.yd.; Capacity Rounded, 2.7 cu.yd.; Width, 47"; Height, 32-1/2"; Recommended Use, Heavy-duty flatbed or long dump Trucks.

**Alternate Part Number(s): 3006882,

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