Crossfire 6' Spreader 1.5 Yard

Crossfire 6' Spreader 1.5 Yard

The Meyer Crossfire's 12v electrically-driven delivery system consistently delivers the right amount of material when and where you need it. The hopper screen eliminates large chunks and routes ice-melt to the patent pending tapered-v, while the vibrator helps break up material for even distribution to the full-length auger. The independently controlled spinner manages output to help reduce consumption and lets you precisely spread material exactly where you need it. The full-width hopper reduces material spillage into the vehicle bed to help prevent corrosion. The hopper and spinner assembly is constructed from polyethylene to eliminate rust. All mechanical drives are concealed from the elements to keep salt and moisture out and increase service life. Meyer broke the mold with its new insert spreader, the Crossfire™ by designing it with an integrated pre-wetting system. Pre-wetting the material speeds up the melting process and reduces how far the granules bounce once they hit the pavement. Pre-wetting can save up to 30% in material usage. As your vehicle speed changes, Meyer's DLX Controller with ground speed control will adjust the flow of material to maintain consistent output. Just set it to the desired material output and the controller regulates consistent flow no matter how fast or slow you are traveling. The Crossfire™ practically takes care of itself with its polyethylene hopper that provides years of service and will not rust or corrode. A heavy-duty 1/2 HP auger motor grinds through tough chunks providing an even material flow to the auger and features a rear cover that protects the auger motor and vibrator from salt and debris. Low friction poly auger bearing requires no lubrication or maintenance, while the stainless steel auger cover keeps salt out of the motor compartment. Auger assembly can quickly be removed for inspection and maintenance and the spinner assembly can be removed without tools making it easy to offload material at the end of a long shift.

775.00 pounds

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